My last point of Communication was the Foothills town of Sonora.



That is not important in itself, but if anyone wanted to track my movements, then that would be my last point of reference!

My Cellphone was more or less useless, unless I really wanted to play with the calculator, the notepad, or change the settings as much as I wanted. It was just a piece of electronic junk, occupying space in the car.

I  had entered the Zone of Incommunicado. The radio still worked, as did my brain, my mouth and other forms of communication. I was allowed to enter Yosemite National Park by paying a fee, relating to the Ranger on duty, and using my brain and the car to propel me onward to my destination.

The next 2 days had more of the same. My Cellphone worked as a timepiece, and as a camera, a quick one with 8 megapixels of photo-ness.

Someone spoke in her telephone. I didn’t have any net at all, but she went on and on to someone as if she had connections of some sort? Another fellow made a comment, “she probably has a Analog telephone. An Analog what? Do those puppies still exist? Or, was she just a bit on the “American Crazy Side” speaking to her imaginary significant other?

No matter. I planned on visiting this National Park, and that is what I aim to do. Sightseeing. Hiking. Camping. You know, touristy stuff?

With a Canteen, but without contact to the outside world….

Living life on its ragged edge!



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