Valley View – Yosemite National Park

I was a bit disappointed to say the least, when I finally arrived at the World Famous “Valley View” at Yosemite National Park.

Oh, I had seen it before, and I wasn’t disappointed those times, but it was never with so many people in the way, cramming into the parking lot, vying for space with their Selfie Sticks, and yelling at each other in their native tongue.

I just wanted My Yosemite, with its high granite walls, waterfalls and a feeling of attaining Heaven on Earth!

Wonder Dog held his paw up as if to say, “To the left”, or “to the right” of the multitudes of tourists wanting their picture with the famous landmarks as their backdrop.

I pressed myself to the left, and to the right. It seemed as if, even Photoshop couldn’t save this shot!


I don’t know, if I’d call this shot a keeper, unless those two young women were really special to me, which they are not! El Capitan is seen in the background.

I then moved my camera over a bit, and tried again.


I guess, it was all right, in regard to the composition, as the sky only filled 1/3 of the photo, but I felt again that something was lost in this translation of Yosemite! I really wanted the whole picture, and not just the tops of those famous landmarks.


There we go, that was better. In the background, where the shadow meets the sun is about where Bridalveil Falls would have been, if there was water present so late in the year. I feel that the fellow wearing the tan cap adds to the shot with his left leg bent just enough to show his shoe lifting off the ground!


I might just use this part later on, so I used “Paint” in Windows to cut out the most important aspects of this perspective.


Here is Half Dome in the background, with Sentinel Rock on the right-hand side. Notice how the Selfie Stick adds to the horizontal perspective, while the pink top and dark glasses, help to accentuate the lower half of this photo.

Well, now that I’ve introduced you to the Valley View, you’ll be wanting to visit Yosemite in your own special way. I’d advise you to take a lot of flash drives with you, in order to capture the moment using your own unique photographic style.

I was able to combine all of the above aspects into one unforgettable shot. I hope you agree?


I really couldn’t see myself together with the others, so you’ll just have to imagine me standing there, looking rather lost with all the other distractions around me!


Sorry, I just couldn’t imagine myself being there after all…………………….




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