The Tioga Road

Well, after my less-than-nice experiences in Yosemite Valley, I now was on the way to the wilder part of Yosemite. Some might argue that Yosemite Valley with its hospital clinic and own court house was wild enough for most people, but I wanted to see the back country once again!

Highway 120 led me back to my first night’s campground at Crane Flat, and onward toward Tioga Pass. There were trees, and more trees, with an occasional pullout for some trail leading somewhere, where I wasn’t going, at least on this trip.

One stop along the way is called Olmsted Point. It offers nice views of the back side of Half Dome, and Cloud’s Rest, which are now between me and the Valley.


Olmsted Point was more than just good views, it was also a chance to see how the other half lives! My modest Ford was no match for this little RV Puppy, which must stay on the road no matter how windy it is! Isn’t America Great?

My pictures were taken in the afternoon, when the sun didn’t exactly cooperate in the way of nice, clear photos, but just to hurry time a bit, I’ve included the photos from the way back down this road, taken 3 days later, in the early morning to show the difference.


Clouds Rest on the left, Half Dome on the right in the distance. (late afternoon)


Half Dome again on the right (taken in early morning)


Nice Information about Frederick Olmsted and his contribution to Yosemite.img_3247img_3248

Here are 2 views farther along the highway, with Tenaya Lake and its Domes in the background (late afternoon)


Looking in the same direction in the early morning.

Olmsted Point is also famous for another Geologic Feature, but that will have to come in my next blog, “Erratically Yours”.


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