Hiking Up Mt Dana. Yosemite National Park

Mt. Dana is the second highest point in Yosemite National Park, but is a readily accessible mountain for those who dare.


Source: http://www.yosemite.ca.us/maps/yosemite_maps.html

Mt Dana is seen on the far right hand side of the map.

The starting elevation is 9941′ (about 3000 meters) at the Eastern Park Entrance Station at Tioga Pass.


With it being September, the wildflowers were gone, but their seed capsules were seen on the way up, as well as some of the surrounding peaks.

The trail starts off easy winding its way through the forest, rising gently at first, but don’t be fooled, the harder part is still to come.


Here is a look back to the road, and the increasing number of visible peaks to the north. Mt Dana is composed of Metamorphic rocks with their reds, browns and generally dark colors in striking contrast to the tall granite peaks of Yosemite Valley.


Here is a shot showing the Granite Peaks at the Geographic Center of the Park. Mt Hoffmann is seen just left of center. The brown area in the middle of the photo is Dana Meadow showing its Autumn browns and yellows.


Just over halfway up, there is a nice spot to take a rest and view the objective of this trip, Mt Dana.


Just a bit farther ahead, looking back to the North.

After this wide, trail-looking part of the trip, the next portion becomes more demanding, winding its way through the rocks, with some trail markers to help you on your way.


This circle of orange paint was visible from time to time, but that is not what kept me on the straight and narrow.


Some of them more obvious than others! A small pile of stones is referred to as a “duck” while a larger one, like the one above, a “cairn” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cairn)


Here is the trail ahead. Can you discern it?



The top is beckoning to me, but I am out of breath!


Looking back at other hikers on the way up.


Up Slope Mt Dana, with the higher peaks near the top of the park, becoming visible to the South.


My foot trying to find its way to the top.


Next Blog – The Summit of Mt Dana!





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