French in English


I love funny things. So does my wife, when she decided to marry me!

Look at this beverage lid purchased in Yosemite.

French, English, Spanish.

I feel like I’m back in School, trying not to learn foreign language. Learning Spanish in California surrounded by others who heard it spoken at home, or with their friends, was not fair for lanky me. My parents spoke Russian, but only with their parents, and not us kids.

If only they had warned me that someday, I would be in Yosemite National Park, sipping my coffee, not being able to understand the 2 other languages on the lid. What if they were in code? French and Spanish spies sending each other code to overthrow the National Park System. They should have built a wall back then, but the Atlantic is rather wide and deep. Wait a minute! There were/are also French-speaking Canadians in Canada, of all places!

My parents didn’t warn me about them either?

And fast women, too! And fast Canadian or Mexican women!

I’m glad, I managed to learn English before moving to Denmark. Think of the consequences, without knowing that…….


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