Photo 1, 2, 3, 4….

Ever wonder where the less-than-glamorous photos end up?

Let’s take the ones from from Yosemite.

Taken  out of the car window, while I am tooling along the highway, looking for bears or pretty girls, who are over 18 and wild about older men and their faithful dogs, the girls that is, not the bears!

OK, but there are photos none the less, and not everyone would put them on their blog site, but then I am not everyone!

These photos are from Yosemite, but are taken from the car window, with no intention of hiding the fact that the car wanted to be included! There is one shot of a most necessary item, which wasn’t taken  from the car, but it deserves a place in my collection all the same.



Another goodie. Slow for the Cone Zone!


Entry into Yosemite National Park at Crane Flat.


That most necessary item!


Half Dome in the background. Taken at Olmsted Point.


I liked this one so much that Wonder Dog almost fell out of the car, while we zoomed along the highway, having to take the picture before the sign disappeared!


My good old Dad used to tell me that the Indian Village of Falling Rock existed everywhere in the USA. Not politically correct these days, but he would do anything for a laugh! We didn’t see Falling Rock, but we did see this modern-day equivalent, Rock Slide!


Taken along  Highway 49 after exiting Yosemite and heading northwards once again.


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