Mt Dana – The Summit

I  wouldn’t want to lie about my hiking abilities, so I won’t. I had hiked Mt Dana twice before back in the 80’s, but a few years have passed me between then and now.

The top, however, is/was just as glorious as the other times, bringing back all of those good memories to my a-bit-older-body-and-mind.

Views from Mt Dana 3891 meters/ 13053 feet.


Here is a view to the South, showing a part of the Dana Plateau, and some of the peaks of the High Sierra to the South.


If you want to climb to the top of Yosemite, then you’ll have to ascend Mt Lyell, 61 feet taller than Mt Dana, and surrounded by glaciers on its Northern side. It is the prominent peak in the center of this photo, resting in back of Lyell Glacier.



On top of Mt Dana I met a Botanist from Colorado, and a few fellows from India. This view is looking Northwards.


The most obvious item of interest is Mono Lake. It is actually a large volcanic caldera, with some small islands dotting the surface. It is an important bird breeding area, but its surface area has been affected by the City of Los Angeles and its ever present need for water. A court ruling has, however, increased the amount of water allocated for Mono Lake, which is to insure its continued importance in this otherwise dry part of California.


This is by far my most favorite view from the summit. The brown peak in the foreground is Mt Gibbs (3893 meters), and the others (in the far right background) being (l) Mt Rodgers (m) Mt Lyell (r) Mt McClure.


3 Pictures showing the views to the North. The prominent granite peak being Mt Conness (3837 meters/12,590 feet)

The time spent on peak summits is way too short for me, but the car and the campground are waiting for me, so I need to set my sights for them, thus ending my encounter with the High Sierra for now.

You might think that this is the end of Mt Dana, but the way down is the subject of my next blog……


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