Mt Dana – The Descent

Here is a map showing Mt Dana in Yosemite National Park


The trail starts out of sight to the left about where the boundary line between Mono and Tuolumne Counties meet.

This blog is concerning the descent of Mt Dana.

You might think that the descent is the same as the ascent, but you’d be wrong. The descent of a peak is quicker, but more dangerous with each step needing to be considered, along with thinner air and level of concentration.

The amount of pictures varies as well. Now the level of tiredness is diminished allowing for other pictures to be considered, than those on the way up.


Here is another obvious shot of the trail?


Note the reds and oranges of the Metamorphic Rocks comprising Mt Dana.



The clouds sweeping along the surface made for interesting photos.


View to the North with Mt Conness and North Peaks dominating the skyline.


The way down with the Tioga Road visible in the left background.


More reds and yellows of the surrounding terrain.



Looking back toward the summit.



A shot of yours truly working his way down slope, Mt Dana


Rocks, rocks and more rocks!




Look closely at the above 2 photos. The large mammal known as The Marmot is visible on the rocks. Marmots are considered to be large squirrels ( and are often found in rock slides at the higher elevations in California. They kept an eye on me as I passed by, but there was no danger on their part, as they could just disappear under the rocks faster than I could whistle…and they were better at that as well!





Here are 3 parting shots looking back at Mt Dana. I don’t know when I’ll be seeing it again, but it was worth the climb!



Yosemite National Park Entrance Station, Tioga Pass.


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