Suitcase Blues

When I left Denmark for the USA, I took care not to pack more than was allowed. I’d hate to start the trip with additional fees for the presence of junk in my suitcases!

The trip back was another story. When I boarded the plane in Sacramento bound for Los Angeles, a rather disgruntled employee of American Airlines tied this puppy onto my suitcase:


I’d hate for the poor fellow to develop bad knees due to my improper suitcase ethics, but I really thought I knew, what I was doing!

In Europe there are also concerns about over-lifting. I’ve seen a photo on a box of tiles, suggesting that 2 people should share the weight, when moving these boxes from one place to another. I’m not sure the Store Manager, where I am employed in Denmark is going to see eye to eye with me on that one, but the concerns are there all the same.

The fellow said that it went just over the limit. Usually that would mean $100 more for overweight baggage, but he said that it would be all right this time.

When my one-person, overweight suitcase reached the terminal in Los Angeles, the young woman at American Airlines said the same thing. I offered to move the extra weight from the one suitcase to the other, but then it had passed the first test, only having to have the above tag placed on the handle, warning everyone in contact with it to exercise caution and ask a colleague for help!

I tried to think what might have tipped the scales, making it weigh more than I had expected, thus making the lives of so many people a bit more heavy as I passed through their places of employment. Was it the tourist brochures, or perhaps the 2 pair of Levis, that did me in? The cinnamon gum or the other types of candy, or was it just that I hadn’t washed my dirty laundry and the weight of my touristy adventures that almost made my life a bit poorer on my way back to Denmark?

I do admit to having a few rocks with me, but that should have been countered by the rocks, I took with me from Denmark, and which are now residing in the USA! I might never know just what comprised that extra weight, but still I hope that those poor baggage handlers have had time to forgive me for my lack of humanity, and ability to think how they would be suffering under the weight of my visit.

I’ll try to do better next time, perhaps with thinner underwear?…..



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