Family Reunion

On my visit to California it was inevitable that I would be getting together with my family. That mere event has had its ups and downs in years past, but this time it actually turned out all right.

After having left Yosemite National Park, and before visiting San Francisco, the trip led med back to Placerville, where most of my family lives. Life in Placerville is a far cry from that in Los Angeles, but those of us that have escaped that existence, have never, ever considered moving back again.



The Rim Fire. Burned 257,000 acres, or 402 square miles of forest and brush lands.


California Buckeye. Drought resistant bush/tree whose leaves turn brown in Summer.


Scenes along Highway 49 between Yosemite and Placerville.

The actual get together was reminiscent of those past, with my older sister providing the stage for this event. There were lots of munchies to chomp on, while the Lamb Shashlik grilled in the background.

I spent some time wandering about my sister’s property remembering where I lived once, and the things that I did like fencing in their wandering chicken here, running a water line to their garden, and planting many of the trees and bushes that now, after some 30 years, have dwarfed the sides of the house, and are threatening to take over!

Everyone got along just fine, which is the best way to be, but not always expected when so many different personalities come together at one place and time.

The next few blogs will concern my visit to San Francisco. Not the last part of of this visit, but the end is nearing, so be prepared!


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