Toll Bridges and the Free Direction



I love the free direction when traveling to San Francisco. Unfortunately, someone has got it all figured out, and eventually, you either have to pay to get into San Francisco, or pay to get out once again.

Upon entering this area, I first encountered the Carquinez Bridge on I-80. Going south is the Free direction – Yea!

The next obstacle is the Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco. This is the Not-Free direction. One way around this is to possess a flying car, but there are most likely Fees at the Airport, if that option were used?

The other way around this is to drive the length of the San Francisco Bay to the South, then up the San Francisco Peninsula to the North. It might though not be as profitable, unless gasoline prices drop to ½ Dollar pr Gallon!

Lucky for me, the toll prices were less if between the hours of 11am and 3pm.


There were no less than 22 Toll Booth Windows, all of which were occupied. Apparently a large 3 -day Convention in San Francisco occupied much of the time and frustration of the Toll Takers, which was apparent when I paid my $4 fee to cross on the Bay Bridge.

The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge ( partially collapsed during an Earthquake in 1989 when the upper level of the 2 story bridge, collapsed onto the lower section.

This was the first time since then, that I had been on the newer sections of the bridge.


Source: Google Maps

I thought that the construction was more ascetically pleasing than the old bridge, but then that is a matter of opinion.


Shots along the newer section between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island.


The main span between Yerba Buena Island and San Francisco.


Alcatraz Island. Former Federal Penitentiary, now administered by National Park Service.


San Francisco Skyscrapers becoming more visible.


Newer Skyscrapers, and Older. Trans-America Pyramid visible to right of center.

Next Blog – Panorama Views at Twin Peaks.


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