Twin Peaks – San Francisco

The name seems to conjure up images of something that I’d heard at one time or another, but it really is just a name after all.

Here is the Wiki for you Wiki type of people:

I love this place and try to take the people who are visiting San Francisco with me here to give them nice panoramas over the City of San Francisco, and the surrounding area.

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I hope you like a lot of people, because despite the road work at the base of the peaks, everyone who was anyone found their way to the viewpoint regardless.


Here is a shot of Downtown San Francisco showing Market Street cutting its way towards the City Center. At the top left background you might just see the Trans America Pyramid, which I will be close to. Almost close enough to touch in a coming blog.


Here is a wider shot of the view, with some unknown tourist adding a bit of local color to the shot.

I realize that being presented with such a vast expanse of city, especially after visiting the wilds of Yosemite, or being hoodwinked into going along to my family reunion, but this next photo will help you to find yourself in San Francisco.


Here is my reassuring arm and outstretched finger guiding you towards the City in question….



Don’t think it is all fun and games up here, as there are also communication towers present to serve the many people in the cities below.



And this, the last shot for this time is taken from my rusty, trusty iPhone 4S showing my present location, and the surrounding area.

Next Blog – Twin Peaks to my Hotel at North Beach


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