San Francisco – A Very Special Hotel

My journey continues from Twin Peaks towards Fisherman’s Wharf.

twin to san remo

Source: Google Maps

The actual route isn’t as important, as the 4 Yellow Stoplights that I managed to drive through, before I began to see Red.

I drove through the Castro District, with its many colorful flags:


The Castro District is located near the famous Hippie District: Haight Ashbury.


Then, I arrived at the San Remo Hotel at North Point.

san remo hotel

Source of Screen Shot:

The young woman who showed me to my room, told how the Hotel was built in 1906 just after the great Earthquake that leveled the city. It was originally used to house the many workers, who would help to rebuild the city. It has all the comforts that I was interested in, including WiFi, and a good location near to Fisherman’s Wharf. They even offered inexpensive parking at a nearby Shopping Center.

Here are a few photos of the inside of the Hotel.


Old style plumbing, that still worked fine.


Narrow halls and wood paneling.


In each room as in the rest of the Hotel there were framed reminders of Expositions and other events in the history of San Francisco.



The Main Desk.


Antique Memories adorning the walls


Free refreshments, like coffee and tea.


As with my other hotels, a survey appeared in my e-mailbox asking for an opinion of my stay. I said that the old-world charm should not to be changed! I felt that my stay couldn’t be better, even attaining the level of Danish “Hygge” or Cosiness.

When I first researched the Hotel, it was labelled as Cosy, but Uncomfortable! I agree with the former, but not the latter.

San Francisco’s Crookedest Street, Lombard and Fisherman’s Wharf, will have to wait until the next Chapter of my journey…..



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