San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf

Back in 1976, I took a chance and moved to San Francisco. Coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco is an entirely different world. True, we were all Californians, but there was a different atmosphere in this city, one that I’ll never forget.

I have my memories from back then, but while the City has moved on with the times, my mind cannot comprehend the changes since then. I used to live in an apartment, only a stone’s throw away from my hotel, San Remo, but things were a lot less developed back then.

Fishermans Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf Area – Source Google Maps

San Francisco Memories – 1976

Here are some photos of a pair of Canadians, I met back then. They were traveling about, and ran into the younger me, trying his hand at finding work, without luck mind you, and  experiencing the San Francisco of 1976.


Whereas somewhere in 2016, the older me was back playing tourist…..



Cable Car Route


Big Buses


bikes on an angle


Cable Car



Seafood Restaurant


Crab along the Wharf




Advertising Apron



Danger in 2 languages


Luxury Liner


Fast Food on the Wharf


Hillary in Candy Store


Famous Sign



Fish and more Fish

San Francisco seemed to have changed a bit since 1976. Not all changes are good, mind you, and what I saw of the more Touristy San Francisco was a bit discouraging. Not that it didn’t resemble other places in the world with its offerings of Fast Food and Tourist Junk, but I just couldn’t place the San Francisco of then, to the San Francisco of now.


OK. I admit that my hair had thinned a bit, and had  gone to grey, but still….

And I didn’t carry a hat rack around on buses and Cable Cars, and70s_sf76_2

Oh, what the hey! It still was San Francisco.( Golden Gate Bridge 1970s.)

It had moved on, and now it was time for me to do the same.

Next Blog – Walking San Francisco


2 thoughts on “San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf

  1. Hi Wayne
    Nice pictures…they bring back memories for me as well. We had a showroom on Market street for over 20 years where we exhibited our furniture at two show a year and sold to the designer trade in between. My brother and I traveled there about 6 times a year. Almost all work and no play, but we did get to wine and dine with our sales reps and some customers in many of those great restaurants. After our shows moved to Las Vegas and North Carolina in the more recent years, I have only been back to SF as a tourist once though I would like to go back again for a longer trip.


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