Last Look at San Remo Hotel, and Pancakes Anyone?

This blog should have been called, Driving Lombard Street, but as I was doing the driving, the amount of photos taken were pretty much just those in my head. After my walking tour of San Francisco, I gathered my luggage at the hotel and headed toward the Pacific Ocean, just south of San Francisco, but that will have to wait until my next blog.  I’ll start with the Hotel, then…


View of outside of Hotel San Remo

Steamer Trunk as side table.

Lots of historic posters on the walls.

Looking out of the front door.

On the outside looking in.


I had been thinking about 2 different restaurants before coming to the States again:

Denny’s and The International House of Pancakes, or IHOP

I never did make it to Denny’s, but in San Francisco at North Beach,

there was something that reminded me of that Pancake House in my home town of Montebello (Southern California)


There were of course too many pancakes to choose from, and only having one life and one trip to the States, I couldn’t attempt to come into Pancake Heaven during just one visit.

4 kinds of syrup.



and I didn’t even put Tabasco Sauce on my Pancakes!


Food enough for two people. Or, at least one dog and one person…..


Nutella and banana pancakes

Next Blog – The Pacific Ocean Revisited.


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