The Pacific Ocean, West of San Francisco

When first my visit to California began, I was at the Pacific Ocean near Santa Monica in Southern California. I’ve moved a bit farther on this blog, having driven up the eastern side of the Golden State, having visited my family and the grand National Park named Yosemite.

cliff house

Source: Google Maps

I drove firstly to Lombard Street and found my way, twisting and turning along the very visited tourist street, before I set my sights for the Pacific Ocean.


Hyde Street near hotel.


Near Sutro Baths.

There were no parking spots as I drove by the Cliff House, a historic place being very magical in its setting and its ambience. I’ve shared a drink there with my now deceased sister, as well as my in-laws from Denmark. Just to the north of the Cliff House lie the remains of the Sutro Baths, which became immortalized in the film, “Harold and Maude” (


I continued to the south coming to a long parking lot which hosted a security guard of sorts. He asked if I were part of the film crew (I should have answered, Yes!”, but as I was taken aback by this question, I said no, which required me to park at the next lot to the south.


Shots taken along Ocean Beach.

ocean beach

Source: Google Maps

The green area to the right belongs to Golden Gate Park.



Seal Rocks (whitish color) seen in far background.


Cliff House visible in background.

And no visit is complete without seeing a Dutch Windmill


I was looking a bit grizzled at this point in time, and my wife asked, via Messenger, if I had misplaced my razors, which I hadn’t, as seen by this rare photo of yours truly.

me at pacific

After tasting the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean, and wondering when I would see it again, I took a few more photos before setting my course towards the Golden Gate Bridge.


What is life without curved Graffiti?


Or Public Notices,


or, a warning of Rip Currents in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

I did not swim here, nor did I drown, which gave me a bit of time to write my next blog:

Last Look at San Francisco from the north.



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