Last Look at San Francisco, from the North

When I visited San Francisco back in 1975, my hair length reflected the times as did my attitude. My now-deceased sister gave me a hip-gnarly-boss shirt and suggested we walk over the Golden Gate (the actual name where the bridge of the same name lies) to Saucelito, eat lunch then take the Ferry back to San Francisco.

which we did.

It was one of those great days for the memory books, and resided there for many years despite the less-than-happy ending with troubles in the family and her death and all, but waxing the nostalgic is a favorite pastime of mine, and that trip was no exception.

Back to 2016, my trip is running out of steam in this last blog about San Francisco.

Golden Gategolden gate aerial view

Source: Google Maps

The  viewpoint was a nice way to end my visit to the Bay Area, with the nicest weather to boot.


First I played the time-honored game of “identical cars”, then…


I looked back towards the Golden Gate Bridge, and my starting point for this series of blogs, Twin Peaks Viewpoint, seen in the far left background on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Views looking back at the City were great as well!


I could discern most of the major skyscrapers, and started to realize that my time in California really was finite.


Alcatraz Island seen in the left foreground, with the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge visible between Angel Island, and the City.


The wind blew a bit, accentuation the two flags.


My road now led me past the (in)famous prison, San Quentin, and past the city of San Francisco, where my sister and I ate at a restaurant called Trident, and which was used as a backdrop in a Woody Allen Movie, “Play it Again Sam (1972).

Memories are still there, encased in my grainy photos, but there all the same.

My hair is unfortunately not the same color anymore, and there wasn’t time to take the ferry back to the City again.

This journey will be continued in the next 2 or so blogs, then it like all other things, will come to an end.

My fading California days were starting to gnaw at me, as if my life existed somewhere else, but that will come sooner or later, all the same….




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