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Keep on Dreaming – Final Blog

(Originally written 26 September 2016 after having returned from California)

I was at a Fast Food Outlet at Minneapolis International Airport on my way from the West Coast of the USA to Denmark, while I met a young woman working her shift.

“Do you like your job?” I asked in a very Western Way, which I tried to do while in India, but was sadly disappointed when doing so. Like and Job didn’t fit together in that instance, while I probably should have asked, “Isn’t it great having a job, or Nice place to work, you are lucky”.

This young woman was happy with her job, because it gave her the opportunity to meet new people while doing so.

Next question: “Do you have a passport?”

The answer was “No”, but she wanted to get one eventually.

Next question: “If you had a passport, and the money to travel, where would you go?”

She thought a bit before answering. “To the jungle”, she said.

I answered a bit facetious: “Los Angeles, perhaps?”

“No, the rain forest”, she replied without blinking. “Or better yet, Japan”.

Hmm. They did have those Snow Monkeys in Japan, I thought.

“Keep your dreams alive, save your money, and go” – That was my advice. I told her how I was living in Denmark, speaking the language on a daily basis, and so on.

She then asked: “How long before you were fluent?”

Funny thing, but I don’t even consider myself fluent today, even though 25 years have gone by.

My reply: “Youth and interest play a bit part in learning anything new. Put your mind to it, and you can learn anything!”

Her face beamed with the expression of joy and wonderment. I imagined that I made a difference in her dreams, and that she too would take up my challenge to someday journey outside of USA’s borders, and experience something different and foreign.

I ended with telling her, that a number of Danes could travel to the usual tourist destinations, and feel safe knowing that someone there could speak Danish, and that the signs at restaurants and hotels, would be in Danish as well.

I thought that Japan was a good choice. Let yourself experience something so foreign, that you might just lose yourself, or get yourself lost in all of that foreignness. Try something different for a change, and see how the rest of the world lives.

My path led me away from that Fast Food Counter and onward to the next Gate and the next Plane……………

Wonder what ever happened to Wonder Dog? Or what about Linda? Those were things that I used early on, but disappeared over time.

As an added treat, here is a rare photo of Wonder Dog, enjoying his first ever Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie in Yosemite National Park


Seeing as how he is a teenager and all, and not always sure about being my son, when I act other than he expects me to, I have not included his photo in this blog. This being the last one, however, I felt that he deserved at least a short mention, as well as receiving my thanks for a great trip, and his much appreciated photographic talents!

Linda has faded into the shadows of Northern Michigan, which is how all former “loves” tend to be, with them liking that distinction, or not?

I thought of continuing this blog with any number of additional photos, but that would only prolong its existence.

For all of you who shared my trip, I extend an appreciation for your reads and likes along the way.  I felt that this was a fitting point in time to end this blog, so as to remain credible within the confines of my 3-week trip last year.

Happy Traveling……Down your own Inner Ear…….


The Next to the Last Post

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

All things must have an end, and writing this blog is no exception. This blog concerns my trip to California, traveling down memory lane, as it were, but it was just a moment in time, and cannot be repeated. Oh, the trip can be taken again, but then it would be another trip, with other things to see, places to go, memories to gain, but this trip has moved on into my memory.



“Welcome here, win money by subscribing to us, come again soon.”

In some ways, my journey has degraded into a collection of receipts and photographs, with my memory of them, still existing, though changing all the time.

The memory of being there, and what I thought while I was there, and the memories that these pieces of paper invoke, change over time.

I might not even possess any true memories of my trip, only what my mind has chosen to remember, how it wanted it to be, highlighting the positive, or the negative as well?

In the ensuing months from September to now, a number of those memories, paper and imagined, have tended to fade.


which makes me wonder sometimes, if I really had been there at all…..

Visiting Folsom. Shopping. Strange Trees in Placerville.

Folsom California


Sandwiched (no pun intended after last blog) between Sacramento and  Placerville, a city which had grown in leaps and bounds since I had been there last, but then 25 years is a long time to be gone…

I went on a shopping spree of sorts, but nothing to brag about in the large picture of consumerism. I took a few photos while doing so, here for others to enjoy

PS -the photos are taken in both Folsom and Placerville:

More fast food – The American Way!

K-mart with its Blue Light Special. It reminded me of herds of ladies, wearing brightly-colored Muumuus, running  towards the flashing blue light, ready to snap up the fabulous bargains at hand.

I know that Christmas is big in the States, but in September?

When I asked, I was told that they had an empty space, so they might as well use it sensibly.


It made more sense to me with the endless aisles with Halloween items.


In Denmark you could find about 5% of what this single store was offering with Halloween things.

After many years of American influences, the pumpkin has taken its rightful place in Denmark as well.

Their pumpkins are chiefly grown on the island  of Samsø and distributed across the country.


I really like the thought behind this photo. Too much plastic floating around the world is not good for the environment,

of which we are a part of!

During my last night out in Placerville/California, I was treated to this meal by my family.


Here is another item, that astounded me: A cleverly disguised tower, for telecommunication.

Looking like any other pine tree, this was really a metal constructed thing, relaying the signals

from my Cellphone to the world!


Next few blogs concern Airports and the journey back to Denmark!

My Special Bagel at LAX

Being a Jalapeño bagel, no less.


It seemed rather fitting, with the chili and all, being in Los Angeles on the way back to Denmark.

I thought back to the start of the trip, when I was in a Supermarket in the city of San Gabriel.

So many chilies in my whole life, my wildest imagination, or the craziest movie, had never existed before that day.

Think of belonging to a culture, where the chili plays so important a roll in cooking!

As I ate my bagel, while waiting for my connecting flight, the chili awoke a sensation in my mouth, which still burns in part today.

Such are memories….

Fading California

My trip to San Francisco ended at a Subway Sandwich shop on the road towards Sacramento.

subway sandwich

It really ended with my last blog, but this blog will take me, (and you) back to Placerville, where I was staying with my sister.

This was America at its finest: Fast Food and a lot of choices for it.

I only wanted something to sustain me for the journey back, but the choices didn’t become less because of that.

Whole wheat, or regular, short or long, this on it, but not that, plastic gloves, smiling,

Thank you sir, thank you for visiting, paper or plastic, come again soon, thank you for choosing Subway….

Always smiling, these Americans. Polite and welcoming.

Those things will be missed, I’m sure.


Fading California Memories.


Next Blog: Visiting Folsom. Shopping. Strange Trees in Placerville.