Visiting Folsom. Shopping. Strange Trees in Placerville.

Folsom California


Sandwiched (no pun intended after last blog) between Sacramento and  Placerville, a city which had grown in leaps and bounds since I had been there last, but then 25 years is a long time to be gone…

I went on a shopping spree of sorts, but nothing to brag about in the large picture of consumerism. I took a few photos while doing so, here for others to enjoy

PS -the photos are taken in both Folsom and Placerville:

More fast food – The American Way!

K-mart with its Blue Light Special. It reminded me of herds of ladies, wearing brightly-colored Muumuus, running  towards the flashing blue light, ready to snap up the fabulous bargains at hand.

I know that Christmas is big in the States, but in September?

When I asked, I was told that they had an empty space, so they might as well use it sensibly.


It made more sense to me with the endless aisles with Halloween items.


In Denmark you could find about 5% of what this single store was offering with Halloween things.

After many years of American influences, the pumpkin has taken its rightful place in Denmark as well.

Their pumpkins are chiefly grown on the island  of Samsø and distributed across the country.


I really like the thought behind this photo. Too much plastic floating around the world is not good for the environment,

of which we are a part of!

During my last night out in Placerville/California, I was treated to this meal by my family.


Here is another item, that astounded me: A cleverly disguised tower, for telecommunication.

Looking like any other pine tree, this was really a metal constructed thing, relaying the signals

from my Cellphone to the world!


Next few blogs concern Airports and the journey back to Denmark!


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