Keep on Dreaming – Final Blog

(Originally written 26 September 2016 after having returned from California)

I was at a Fast Food Outlet at Minneapolis International Airport on my way from the West Coast of the USA to Denmark, while I met a young woman working her shift.

“Do you like your job?” I asked in a very Western Way, which I tried to do while in India, but was sadly disappointed when doing so. Like and Job didn’t fit together in that instance, while I probably should have asked, “Isn’t it great having a job, or Nice place to work, you are lucky”.

This young woman was happy with her job, because it gave her the opportunity to meet new people while doing so.

Next question: “Do you have a passport?”

The answer was “No”, but she wanted to get one eventually.

Next question: “If you had a passport, and the money to travel, where would you go?”

She thought a bit before answering. “To the jungle”, she said.

I answered a bit facetious: “Los Angeles, perhaps?”

“No, the rain forest”, she replied without blinking. “Or better yet, Japan”.

Hmm. They did have those Snow Monkeys in Japan, I thought.

“Keep your dreams alive, save your money, and go” – That was my advice. I told her how I was living in Denmark, speaking the language on a daily basis, and so on.

She then asked: “How long before you were fluent?”

Funny thing, but I don’t even consider myself fluent today, even though 25 years have gone by.

My reply: “Youth and interest play a bit part in learning anything new. Put your mind to it, and you can learn anything!”

Her face beamed with the expression of joy and wonderment. I imagined that I made a difference in her dreams, and that she too would take up my challenge to someday journey outside of USA’s borders, and experience something different and foreign.

I ended with telling her, that a number of Danes could travel to the usual tourist destinations, and feel safe knowing that someone there could speak Danish, and that the signs at restaurants and hotels, would be in Danish as well.

I thought that Japan was a good choice. Let yourself experience something so foreign, that you might just lose yourself, or get yourself lost in all of that foreignness. Try something different for a change, and see how the rest of the world lives.

My path led me away from that Fast Food Counter and onward to the next Gate and the next Plane……………

Wonder what ever happened to Wonder Dog? Or what about Linda? Those were things that I used early on, but disappeared over time.

As an added treat, here is a rare photo of Wonder Dog, enjoying his first ever Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie in Yosemite National Park


Seeing as how he is a teenager and all, and not always sure about being my son, when I act other than he expects me to, I have not included his photo in this blog. This being the last one, however, I felt that he deserved at least a short mention, as well as receiving my thanks for a great trip, and his much appreciated photographic talents!

Linda has faded into the shadows of Northern Michigan, which is how all former “loves” tend to be, with them liking that distinction, or not?

I thought of continuing this blog with any number of additional photos, but that would only prolong its existence.

For all of you who shared my trip, I extend an appreciation for your reads and likes along the way.  I felt that this was a fitting point in time to end this blog, so as to remain credible within the confines of my 3-week trip last year.

Happy Traveling……Down your own Inner Ear…….


Last Look at San Remo Hotel, and Pancakes Anyone?

This blog should have been called, Driving Lombard Street, but as I was doing the driving, the amount of photos taken were pretty much just those in my head. After my walking tour of San Francisco, I gathered my luggage at the hotel and headed toward the Pacific Ocean, just south of San Francisco, but that will have to wait until my next blog.  I’ll start with the Hotel, then…


View of outside of Hotel San Remo

Steamer Trunk as side table.

Lots of historic posters on the walls.

Looking out of the front door.

On the outside looking in.


I had been thinking about 2 different restaurants before coming to the States again:

Denny’s and The International House of Pancakes, or IHOP

I never did make it to Denny’s, but in San Francisco at North Beach,

there was something that reminded me of that Pancake House in my home town of Montebello (Southern California)


There were of course too many pancakes to choose from, and only having one life and one trip to the States, I couldn’t attempt to come into Pancake Heaven during just one visit.

4 kinds of syrup.



and I didn’t even put Tabasco Sauce on my Pancakes!


Food enough for two people. Or, at least one dog and one person…..


Nutella and banana pancakes

Next Blog – The Pacific Ocean Revisited.

Everything has Changed

I’d be rich right now, if I had earned $5 every time I told that to Wonder Dog, or the GPS woman during my trip.

I found that things were not the same as I had imagined them to be, even though I knew that they would be different than when I last was in California.

I might as well tell myself, “Don’t look in the mirror, or you might get an unpleasant surprise!” which meant that I too have changed over time.

It seems as if there is a lot more of everything. More roads, people, businesses, pollution, houses, congestion, etc.

There is also a lot more less items as well. Less transparency in Government. Less time to enjoy life. Less value for the dollar, and less open breathable space.

I start out by saying, “I remember”, which is followed by “It is not the same as before”, or “There used to be….”, or “That road/building wasn’t there before”. I haven’t gotten rich as yet, but then my vacation isn’t over and done with either.

I still knew my way around the freeways in Los Angeles, and how to get out of town, when my visit there was over. I also recognized the barren mountainsides and the vast expanses of the Mojave Desert, as well as the towering mountain range known as the Sierra Nevada, but everything had changed all the same.

I was older, and hopefully wiser, but that remains to be seen, you know? I’ve had partial luck in remembering the name of Native Plants, which was my big hobby back then, but there are also holes, or gaps in my memory there as well.

My first girlfriend wasn’t home, but I did manage to take this photo, before journeying on to my next destination:


You might just see me in the background, trying to remember how it all went wrong between us, so many years ago? The place looked rather empty, and even my fondest memories of her yellow, Ford Mustang named after our future first child, who doesn’t exist, residing in driveway next to the house. Maybe it was the wrong house? Maybe I never was her boyfriend, and maybe we  never did make out in her car at the parking lot of the Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles, after the Senior Prom in 1973?

Maybe I’m not who I say I am, or perhaps who I profess to be?

Memories are just not what they used to be, I guess? Maybe her parents really didn’t hate me, and her friends really didn’t warn her against me way back then?

What is important-Memory wise? What do we really want to remember of our past?

My dog, perhaps? He was always happy to see me, and didn’t judge me in the wrong light of the times. “You can’t go home again” – That is more true, than most of you youngsters will understand, but just wait until you too take a trip down Memory Lane….

I’ll be having a good laugh, wherever I’ll be at that time………

Photo 5, 6, 7, 8 …

I like looking out of airplane windows. I usually don’t get the chance, because Wonder Dog prefers it over just about everything else but eating, sleeping and scratching! I need to rely on his talents to show the views out of the window traveling from Denmark to California…


Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.


Somewhere near the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean


Coming in over Southern California heading towards Los Angeles.


Over Los Angeles, almost to LAX.


That’s all for now, but if you want to think about having Jet Lag, then by all means, do so!


Photo 1, 2, 3, 4….

Ever wonder where the less-than-glamorous photos end up?

Let’s take the ones from from Yosemite.

Taken  out of the car window, while I am tooling along the highway, looking for bears or pretty girls, who are over 18 and wild about older men and their faithful dogs, the girls that is, not the bears!

OK, but there are photos none the less, and not everyone would put them on their blog site, but then I am not everyone!

These photos are from Yosemite, but are taken from the car window, with no intention of hiding the fact that the car wanted to be included! There is one shot of a most necessary item, which wasn’t taken  from the car, but it deserves a place in my collection all the same.



Another goodie. Slow for the Cone Zone!


Entry into Yosemite National Park at Crane Flat.


That most necessary item!


Half Dome in the background. Taken at Olmsted Point.


I liked this one so much that Wonder Dog almost fell out of the car, while we zoomed along the highway, having to take the picture before the sign disappeared!


My good old Dad used to tell me that the Indian Village of Falling Rock existed everywhere in the USA. Not politically correct these days, but he would do anything for a laugh! We didn’t see Falling Rock, but we did see this modern-day equivalent, Rock Slide!


Taken along  Highway 49 after exiting Yosemite and heading northwards once again.

The Eustachian Tube Blues

Ever wonder how long I’ve progressed on my Epic Journey?

Did he make it? What about those dangerous currents down the Eustachian Tubes? Did he take a life preserver with him, or did he just hang onto the scruff of Wonder Dog’s fur?

I won’t spoil the surprise at the end of my journey, so just imagine me in my Dogout Canoe, sailing down my Inner Ear, waiting for the final chapters of this Travel Blog to unfold.

I guess, I should drop a few names in order to hold your interest, or post a few photos to keep your interest?


You see, it is not so dangerous as you might have thought!

These photos are from the last leg, knee and ankle of my journey in and around San Francisco.

Just can’t wait, can you?

Are You Thinking the Same?

B1 and B2. Need I say more?

OK. Maybe I need to explain things a bit more? I guess, if I didn’t have Wonder Dog as the symbol of this blog, I could have used the photo at the end of this blog.

When I got back from the States, my luggage was placed in the way, in order to trip over it and curse its existence. Dirty laundry and boarding passes seemed to abound, but where was that special souvenir, for that special someone? I emptied the suitcases onto my table and tried to organize things as much as possible. Funny how those brochures and things found along the way, looked more interesting when they still lived in California?

The candy and other exotic tastes from California were placed by my PC monitor. Hmm, there aren’t as many things as I thought! Then when the dirty laundry was removed, there were even less things than before.

On TV, there were Advertisements for traveling with SAS. Fly with us! No way! I’ve had enough of Airports and layovers and security checks. After just 2 hours of sleep, I was at no less than 4 airports over a period of 35 hours!

At home in Denmark, things were not any different. The Danish Travel Agency which provided me with my rental car in California, was sending me more Travel Offers. “Remember how you added your e-mail address? “Where is that “unsubscribe” button at?”

A fellow at work asked when I was going traveling again? Any destinations in mind?

Yes. In my backyard. Around the block. Close by. No airports/planes/boarding passes…


Suitcase 1 says to Suitcase 2. “Are you thinking the same thing that I am?”

Suitcase 2 replies, “I am. Of course I am!”


Let’s go traveling together!……………………..

Just not me, I’m afraid. The blogging business has hit a snag in the road, for a while at least, so you’ll just have to hum a travel song, or read the other posts for a while.

Don’t get your hopes up that I’ve hit the road once again for places unknown, because I get like this now and again, just a bit bored with what I am doing.

It might be the melancholy of the Danish Autumn, or a restlessness in my soul, but whatever it is, it has taken hold of me and my interest in WordPress. Hey, I even completed the 2016 WordPress Survey without having someone beside me pointing at the correct answers!

Maybe there are no correct answers, or perhaps I need to do some serious jigsaw puzzles in order to get my head straight again? I’m not sure, but one thing that is certain is the proximity of Wonder Dog, who by the way is at my feet as I write this, dreaming his dog dreams perhaps of Lassie’s Star on Hollywood Blvd, I don’t know…..


so I might just do some dreaming together with him….