Fading, Fading Away

My trip to the States, to California seems to be fading.

Oh, Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been back in Denmark for these many months since last September, but in the terms of blogging, the end is coming nearer all the time.

A photo here, a map there, I’ve taken my time, to show you around my Home State, with all of those memories along the way. It’s funny. I had imagined what I finally could be/would be seeing when I again was in Southern California, but when I was there…..time got away from me.

Enough words for now, as I would imagine a Travel Blog’s Greatest Asset is its photos? Right?


Just as much as so many things seem different, they are really the same. We live, we exist, we work, we buy. The same kind of things, that everyone else does, just in their own personal places/spaces.

Bathroom faucets, and No-Bear Dumpsters are perhaps not the usual touristy things that others would have photographed, but then I am not just everybody.

Imagine,img_5048img_5049img_5053img_5056img_5059img_5063img_5066 I’ve invited you to dinner at my niece’s house. Squash Soup is on the menu, and the places are set, just waiting for the guests to arrive. I won’t offer you the choice of speaking in your Native Language, as it is only English spoken here!

There are magnets on the refrigerator with drawings and such. Don’t forget to visit the girl’s bedroom and the boy’s bedroom. They are as different at boys and girls are, but unique in their own ways.

The squash soup has left a warm feeling in my stomach, and the time has come to watch some TV. The 100 degree temperatures of the day, have cooled off thanks to the air condition, and the coolness of my family and their ways.

Watch a Star Trek Movie, play Minecraft on the iPad, look at our Smart Phones and imagine that we are Californians, one and all.

My Danish Dog is still in Denmark, as is my wife and daughter. My work is waiting for me to return again, probably wondering if I’ve forgotten how to speak Danish?

The dishes have been washed and put away, and the kids are fighting the urge to yawn.

My trip is still fading, but right now seems like forever, and I never left Placerville, for other more foreign places on the planet.

What about the Squash Soup, you might be asking? It was yellow, and still resides in my memory…..

just back in Denmark, I suppose…



Family Reunion

On my visit to California it was inevitable that I would be getting together with my family. That mere event has had its ups and downs in years past, but this time it actually turned out all right.

After having left Yosemite National Park, and before visiting San Francisco, the trip led med back to Placerville, where most of my family lives. Life in Placerville is a far cry from that in Los Angeles, but those of us that have escaped that existence, have never, ever considered moving back again.



The Rim Fire. Burned 257,000 acres, or 402 square miles of forest and brush lands.


California Buckeye. Drought resistant bush/tree whose leaves turn brown in Summer.


Scenes along Highway 49 between Yosemite and Placerville.

The actual get together was reminiscent of those past, with my older sister providing the stage for this event. There were lots of munchies to chomp on, while the Lamb Shashlik grilled in the background.

I spent some time wandering about my sister’s property remembering where I lived once, and the things that I did like fencing in their wandering chicken here, running a water line to their garden, and planting many of the trees and bushes that now, after some 30 years, have dwarfed the sides of the house, and are threatening to take over!

Everyone got along just fine, which is the best way to be, but not always expected when so many different personalities come together at one place and time.

The next few blogs will concern my visit to San Francisco. Not the last part of of this visit, but the end is nearing, so be prepared!

My Home Town – In So. Cal.

Montebello, California.


That was where I started out in this life.


It even has its own Wiki:,_California

Close to Downtown LA, only 16 miles/10 km. I even walked there once to visit my first girlfriend at her new job – Right down Skid Row with the Alkies and the Druggies. Good Times!


The Corner Market where I had to pay for the items with the Rubber Checks my Mother had to write.


La Merced Elementary School. Kindergarten.


My old street. Viewcrest Drive


The man living in my old house, and I.


My Father’s Toyota Land Cruiser. Early 70s.


My house. 821 N. Viewcrest Drive in the 1960’s.



The neighbor’s house. It used to belong to the local Real Estate Agent, and the man who gave me tickets to see the LA Rams for my birthday- they won too.


Me and my rental car, standing by the small tree that my mother said, would never amount to anything.


Looking across the street.


And down the block.


So much for Memory Lane. Goodbye Montebello. I don’t know if I’ll be seeing you again?

Yelling Before Traveling

“Why aren’t you done with your packing?”

Oh no. The wife is home!

It was, well you know how it is?

I’ve had the best intentions, while the wife has been away on a course, to be done with packing before Wonder Dog and I journey into the Great Unknown!

I’ve been living my life in piles. Piles of papers and documents. Piles of presents. Piles of things that won’t fit into the suitcases.

“You’ve had all week to be done, what is your problem?”

Yes, what is my problem? I know, I need to be ready, but on Saturday at the latest

My father was an excellent procrastinator. I just take after him.

The wife has told me, if I start to resemble him, then…

“You just won’t, that’s all!”

I’m not sure on what point, I’m not allowed to be like my father? He did have some good characteristics. She just is forgetful, that’s all.

“Just when do you expect to be finished?”

It might be some sort of Zen Puzzle. Is there really an end to packing for any trip? Are we just living in a Pipe Dream, a Bubble of Reality? Help! I can’t breathe! I need the air of Reality!

“Get a grip. Take a deep breath, and look into my eyes!”

She is always there, keeping me on the straight and narrow.

If only she would buckle down, and finish packing for me…..

…before she starts yelling again……


Traveling Gifts – Think Bones!

This is a hard one to figure out. Gifts for chance companions, family and the Odd Dog in the United States!

“Bring something unique from Denmark”.

How hard could that be? What is unique anymore in our multi-cultural, Internet driven, growing smaller all the time, world?

“Bring Legos, but only packaging with Danish Flags on them.”

Cannot find Legos with Danish Flags on them! Lego is a Danish invention, but it has gone International, and doesn’t need the Danish Flag!

“Think Bones. Bones never go out of style!” Wonder Dog should be sleeping, but he is sending his thoughts to me, telepathically.

I can see us now at Customs. “Why all the Bones?”

It might be different, if they had Danish Flags on them, but they don’t!

Alcohol is always a crowd-pleaser.

-“What if the recipient has a drinking problem? Bones don’t cause problems like that. Think Bones.”

At Customs: “Bones with Danish Flags on them?” That’s one for the books! Wait until I tell the wife about that one!

We are not thinking in the same direction, Wonder Dog and myself. We need to coordinate our thoughts, in order to solve our problems, and get ready for the flight on Sunday.

“Haven’t you heard that statement? Bones, Bones for the Poor!”

I’m getting too tired for this argument. I need to relax in my bed, and let my mind go to rubber, and let the dream fairies rock me to sleep…..

“A load of Bones on your haid would also do the trick. Think Bones!”

Basic Outline for Upcoming Trip

  1. Day 1. Land in Los Angeles
  2. Day 2 Spent in Los Angeles
  3. Day 3 Wasted in Los Angeles, leaving for other places
  4. Days 4-19, Not in Los Angeles
  5. Day 20, In Los Angeles leaving for Denmark

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, then day 1 and 20 will be the best ones to do so.

Days 2 and 3 are in Los Angeles, but without having the ability to track our rental vehicle, then I would put my money on Day 1, or 20 if I were you!

The in between days, not being spent in Los Angeles, are spent other places.

More details? Remember how we used to do it in the olden days when we used to send postcards. “Hi Dad, wish you were her!”

Hi there. We are lying on the beach at Bunken Camping right now, located underneath Mt Shasta!  Billy stepped on a Jellyfish, and Sally tried to relieve herself to see if it helped! Don’t fall for those old wive’s tales, even in the old country here in Denmark!

We are having a great time, but then when you are with your Danish Family, and there is a truckload of Carlsberg, and Tuborg Beers around, then anything can be Great!

We got here on day 1, but 2 and 3 are a bit blurry after drinking all those beers. On day 4 we are planning on seeing this Church:


It might look old and faded, but that is the whole point about visiting the Old Country!

The rest of the days are no matter, as we have probably already returned home and are all having a laugh with you, while drinking the rest of the Tuborg, and Carlsberg beers!

Skål say the Danes, which is Cheers for the rest of the world, I think?

Can’t wait until we visit Los Angeles next year! Hope they have more Beers in the United States, and strong ones, if we are going to use 3 weeks over there, doing Family things again!

We’ll be sure to write a new postcard, destined for your refrigerator!

Yours Sincerely…………………….