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Fading California

My trip to San Francisco ended at a Subway Sandwich shop on the road towards Sacramento.

subway sandwich

It really ended with my last blog, but this blog will take me, (and you) back to Placerville, where I was staying with my sister.

This was America at its finest: Fast Food and a lot of choices for it.

I only wanted something to sustain me for the journey back, but the choices didn’t become less because of that.

Whole wheat, or regular, short or long, this on it, but not that, plastic gloves, smiling,

Thank you sir, thank you for visiting, paper or plastic, come again soon, thank you for choosing Subway….

Always smiling, these Americans. Polite and welcoming.

Those things will be missed, I’m sure.


Fading California Memories.


Next Blog: Visiting Folsom. Shopping. Strange Trees in Placerville.


Walking San Francisco – 2

Continuing along with my walk towards Downtown San Francisco:

Approaching my destination, The Transamerica Pyramid.

Traffic and signs near the Pyramid.

Columbus Tower/Sentinel Building with its Copper-green exterior. A San Francisco Designated Landmark completed in 1907.

Pyramid’s Home Page: http://www.pyramidcenter.com/


A truly impressive building. img_3379

Seen to the right, during my drive over the Bay Bridge. A rather sharp point!

If you like motorcycles in a row.

Tall buildings were around me.

The narrowness, made me feel closed in.

I thought about earthquakes, but tried not to.

I liked this place. Coffee by morning, and Wine by evening.

I had reached my most southerly destination. Now it was time to return to my hotel, via Chinatown, walking first, then riding the Cable Car back to North Beach.


One last photo. This fellow seemed familiar to me, but then all Americans do tend to look alike……