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The Next to the Last Post

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

All things must have an end, and writing this blog is no exception. This blog concerns my trip to California, traveling down memory lane, as it were, but it was just a moment in time, and cannot be repeated. Oh, the trip can be taken again, but then it would be another trip, with other things to see, places to go, memories to gain, but this trip has moved on into my memory.



“Welcome here, win money by subscribing to us, come again soon.”

In some ways, my journey has degraded into a collection of receipts and photographs, with my memory of them, still existing, though changing all the time.

The memory of being there, and what I thought while I was there, and the memories that these pieces of paper invoke, change over time.

I might not even possess any true memories of my trip, only what my mind has chosen to remember, how it wanted it to be, highlighting the positive, or the negative as well?

In the ensuing months from September to now, a number of those memories, paper and imagined, have tended to fade.


which makes me wonder sometimes, if I really had been there at all…..


Fading, Fading Away

My trip to the States, to California seems to be fading.

Oh, Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been back in Denmark for these many months since last September, but in the terms of blogging, the end is coming nearer all the time.

A photo here, a map there, I’ve taken my time, to show you around my Home State, with all of those memories along the way. It’s funny. I had imagined what I finally could be/would be seeing when I again was in Southern California, but when I was there…..time got away from me.

Enough words for now, as I would imagine a Travel Blog’s Greatest Asset is its photos? Right?


Just as much as so many things seem different, they are really the same. We live, we exist, we work, we buy. The same kind of things, that everyone else does, just in their own personal places/spaces.

Bathroom faucets, and No-Bear Dumpsters are perhaps not the usual touristy things that others would have photographed, but then I am not just everybody.

Imagine,img_5048img_5049img_5053img_5056img_5059img_5063img_5066 I’ve invited you to dinner at my niece’s house. Squash Soup is on the menu, and the places are set, just waiting for the guests to arrive. I won’t offer you the choice of speaking in your Native Language, as it is only English spoken here!

There are magnets on the refrigerator with drawings and such. Don’t forget to visit the girl’s bedroom and the boy’s bedroom. They are as different at boys and girls are, but unique in their own ways.

The squash soup has left a warm feeling in my stomach, and the time has come to watch some TV. The 100 degree temperatures of the day, have cooled off thanks to the air condition, and the coolness of my family and their ways.

Watch a Star Trek Movie, play Minecraft on the iPad, look at our Smart Phones and imagine that we are Californians, one and all.

My Danish Dog is still in Denmark, as is my wife and daughter. My work is waiting for me to return again, probably wondering if I’ve forgotten how to speak Danish?

The dishes have been washed and put away, and the kids are fighting the urge to yawn.

My trip is still fading, but right now seems like forever, and I never left Placerville, for other more foreign places on the planet.

What about the Squash Soup, you might be asking? It was yellow, and still resides in my memory…..

just back in Denmark, I suppose…