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My Special Bagel at LAX

Being a JalapeƱo bagel, no less.


It seemed rather fitting, with the chili and all, being in Los Angeles on the way back to Denmark.

I thought back to the start of the trip, when I was in a Supermarket in the city of San Gabriel.

So many chilies in my whole life, my wildest imagination, or the craziest movie, had never existed before that day.

Think of belonging to a culture, where the chili plays so important a roll in cooking!

As I ate my bagel, while waiting for my connecting flight, the chili awoke a sensation in my mouth, which still burns in part today.

Such are memories….


Dreaming in California

My dreams were troubled. Airports and Schedules. Jet Lag, perhaps?

My plan was simple. 3 weeks in California, traveling. It was hot most of the time. The high 20s, or if you prefer “in the 80s” for you Americans out there. Hot and dry. No sign of rain, or even clouds. California in the Summertime. Summer reaches from April to September, you know? Summer Dry. Summer Hot. Summer relentless.

Los Angeles was no exception. It was hot as well, but in the mornings you might imagine the day to be something else. Low clouds appearing from the Pacific, covering the “Southland” as they call it. The traffic on the freeways knows no different. The Carpool lane mocks the other more crowded lanes, with motorcycles speeding along the double yellow line between the two. Accident here, Car fire there. Traffic reports fill the morning news, between Trump and Hillary, between News at 11, and 12 and….

The traffic reporter didn’t know that I chose that day to watch TV. I saw her, but she didn’t see me. Traffic goes better when a nice looking young woman tells me that the Freeway is in trouble, and that I should take alternative routes. I want to trust her, but I don’t know why?

I happened to be in LA on Labor Day. You’d think by the name, that it is a Holiday. Not if you are in the Service Industry. The girl at McDonalds hands me my McMuffin. “Aren’t you off today?” “Isn’t it Labor Day?” “Do you get overtime/Holiday pay?” She smiles with a touch of sadness. No, no and no. The no’s have it. Work is work, regardless of someone calling the day for something else. Labor Day – That’s right. We are laboring today!


I didn’t plan on coming to Los Angeles. It turns out, it was cheaper to do so. Rent a car and see LA. My father’s burial place was on my agenda. “Hi Dad, what’s up?” No response. I remember him to be a bit more talkative in the past. The headstones all looked the same.


The sun was hot, and I searched a while until I found him. We were alone, and yet not alone.

My sleep remained troubled. Drive to there, visit here, memory lane is not a carpool lane, my thoughts were crowded with other thoughts. The sun beat down.


I remember how the city looked when the plane was about to land. So many lights, and roads and lives.

The airport beckoned to me. Another airport. Another set of stairs, suitcases, then buses, then rental car.

The employees did their job. Just another plane in the night’s darkness. Just another before the next one, another.


I dreamed of California, while I still was in Denmark. I didn’t dream of cemeteries, of McDrives, or of airports. They, my Dreams, were troubled all the same.

-and I didn’t even have Jet Lag to deal with back then…..


Los Angeles International Airport LAX – Final Destination

To say that I was tired when finally arriving at LAX would be an understatement. I was beyond that, and having to exit the Airport and stand on the edge of a busy street filled with various buses going to hotels, car rental agencies and the like, didn’t help things at all.


Everything seemed so blurry. Everyone rushing somewhere, and me standing there in the middle of it all, not moving with the flow.

Stand there. No, Stand here. Don’t cross the street. Do not pass Go, and do not collect $200. I didn’t feel as if I was getting anywhere, but then my bus appeared.


My bus had these funky orange cushions. No people, but nice, soft cushions.

Welcome to LAX. You are now leaving LAX. Welcome to confusion.

1.Rental Car pickup,2. Find Hotel., 3. Crash and Burn.

I like having a plan for things. That is half the fun of traveling.

The planning…………..