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Keep on Dreaming – Final Blog

(Originally written 26 September 2016 after having returned from California)

I was at a Fast Food Outlet at Minneapolis International Airport on my way from the West Coast of the USA to Denmark, while I met a young woman working her shift.

“Do you like your job?” I asked in a very Western Way, which I tried to do while in India, but was sadly disappointed when doing so. Like and Job didn’t fit together in that instance, while I probably should have asked, “Isn’t it great having a job, or Nice place to work, you are lucky”.

This young woman was happy with her job, because it gave her the opportunity to meet new people while doing so.

Next question: “Do you have a passport?”

The answer was “No”, but she wanted to get one eventually.

Next question: “If you had a passport, and the money to travel, where would you go?”

She thought a bit before answering. “To the jungle”, she said.

I answered a bit facetious: “Los Angeles, perhaps?”

“No, the rain forest”, she replied without blinking. “Or better yet, Japan”.

Hmm. They did have those Snow Monkeys in Japan, I thought.

“Keep your dreams alive, save your money, and go” – That was my advice. I told her how I was living in Denmark, speaking the language on a daily basis, and so on.

She then asked: “How long before you were fluent?”

Funny thing, but I don’t even consider myself fluent today, even though 25 years have gone by.

My reply: “Youth and interest play a bit part in learning anything new. Put your mind to it, and you can learn anything!”

Her face beamed with the expression of joy and wonderment. I imagined that I made a difference in her dreams, and that she too would take up my challenge to someday journey outside of USA’s borders, and experience something different and foreign.

I ended with telling her, that a number of Danes could travel to the usual tourist destinations, and feel safe knowing that someone there could speak Danish, and that the signs at restaurants and hotels, would be in Danish as well.

I thought that Japan was a good choice. Let yourself experience something so foreign, that you might just lose yourself, or get yourself lost in all of that foreignness. Try something different for a change, and see how the rest of the world lives.

My path led me away from that Fast Food Counter and onward to the next Gate and the next Plane……………

Wonder what ever happened to Wonder Dog? Or what about Linda? Those were things that I used early on, but disappeared over time.

As an added treat, here is a rare photo of Wonder Dog, enjoying his first ever Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie in Yosemite National Park


Seeing as how he is a teenager and all, and not always sure about being my son, when I act other than he expects me to, I have not included his photo in this blog. This being the last one, however, I felt that he deserved at least a short mention, as well as receiving my thanks for a great trip, and his much appreciated photographic talents!

Linda has faded into the shadows of Northern Michigan, which is how all former “loves” tend to be, with them liking that distinction, or not?

I thought of continuing this blog with any number of additional photos, but that would only prolong its existence.

For all of you who shared my trip, I extend an appreciation for your reads and likes along the way.  I felt that this was a fitting point in time to end this blog, so as to remain credible within the confines of my 3-week trip last year.

Happy Traveling……Down your own Inner Ear…….


We’ll Always Have Paris

Right. Nicely said by Ingrid Bergman, but honestly. I don’t believe a word of it!

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. In Paris before the Nazis marched in. Living and loving. Then they meet again years later. She is in Casablanca with her husband, but she still has eyes for Humphrey.

That’s how it was with Linda and I. No regrets. Give us a kiss, then we won’t see each other again. It was fun while it lasted. We didn’t mean that much to each other. Sound familiar? It’s Humphrey and Ingrid all over again.

I wrote to her the other day about the past. “Do you have any regrets? Was there anything you would have changed about, how it all turned out?”

Dooley Wilson was getting the piano warmed up, and the Nazis were, well, they were doing what Nazis usually did in movies, making lives miserable for the other actors on that back lot in Hollywood.

I waited for her answer. She seemed to hesitate, before answering. Then it came. “Regrets?” “No, I don’t have any regrets, because our lives were fated to be apart”.

Claude Rains wouldn’t have believed her anymore, than he believed Ingrid Bergman. Humphrey Bogart would be fencing with the Nazis. “Why did you come to Casablanca?” Major Strasser asks. “I came for the waters” says Humphrey Bogart. “The waters? Why, we are in a desert” replies Major Strasser. “I was misinformed” says Humphrey¬† Bogart, without any expression of surprise on his face.

Linda could have asked me for anything, at this stage of the game. “Join me in Michigan, and let us continue where we left off!”

But she didn’t say that. She didn’t, and Ingrid Bergman didn’t say that as well.

“We’ll always have Montebello”, she said, as if anyone other than me would have gotten that connection?

Montebello, I said crushing my imaginary cigarette against my shoe. I would rather be looking up Linda’s old address, but that choice was not mine to make.

Humphrey Bogart turns to Claude Rains and says, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, and they walk away into the fog on the landing bane.

“It’s still the same old story. The fight for love and glory. A case of do or die. The world will always welcome lovers. As time goes by………………”

Source: http://www.reelclassics.com/Movies/Casablanca/astimegoesby-lyrics.htm


Lost, Anyone?

Some might say that traveling with me is rather confusing?

We started off all right, but then we drifted a bit, visiting San Francisco, then the Desert again, then back to Yosemite, then…..Linda!

You might have guessed, that we are not completely done with Linda, but time will only tell on that subject!

Here is a map of my progress so far in this blog, chronologically  speaking that is.


The area in question is Yosemite National Park. I started at Crane Flat, and moved south to Glacier Point (the lowermost blue squggle line). I still have to visit Sentinel Dome, then move on to Yosemite Valley, shown with red and yellow colors denoting road work.

Then the trip will move to the north, to my next destination, Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center.

When I reached Crane Flat, I had logged 1218 kilometers. In case you were wondering about that as well!


The Linda, I Once Knew

If you had only known Linda, like I did….

I can’t say why Linda has begun to fascinate my memory again, after all these years? I guess, if you only had known her as I did, then it would be obvious why.

My memories tend to be a bit grainy over the ensuing years. I only have a few remaining photographs of that mysterious woman, from my past.

Here is another one:


She was concentrating on something, God only knows what?

If you asked me, I’d say it had to do with her best friend, and the conflict that was raging in her thoughts back then.

Why was she walking through the snow? What was in her hands? Why was this photo the turning point in our untold story about unrequited love?

Why indeed?

Stuck in the Wrong Gear

Some people might just say that this blog is just that?

What happened to Wonder Dog?

Why is Los Angeles so important, even though it is the City that you love to hate?

What really happened with Linda?

You see, a site like mine is a natural magnet for questions like those. I think that I must be stuck in the wrong gear, otherwise we would know just where this blog was going! It might just be those darn mosquito bites that have been gnawing away at me, or those incessant dreams that remarkably have been in English over the last 2 weeks, or so!

Well, Wonder Dog is alive and well, even though he wouldn’t understand all of the concern over him.

Here he is in one of his lighter moments, trying to convince himself that the ball on the ground is the right one to play with?

He was with me on the trip down my Inner Ear, but chose to step out of the limelight for a while to let me go on and on about Linda, and why Los Angeles was not worth taking all of those pictures anyway.

About those mosquito bites, well they continue to itch and cause me distress. You might know how it is, standing there at the pharmacy, perusing the 101 different cures for mosquito bites, then your mind starts to wonder about Linda and those good times together with her in Los Angeles, and before you know it, you are back at the off-leash area, choosing the right ball to throw for your dog!

I feel like life goes round in circles, but then I am stuck in the wrong gear, you know…….

What Even the Poets Don’t Know

“What went wrong between you and Linda?” It seems like some of you just won’t let that subject go.

While in LA, I visited the house of my former girlfriend, no not Linda, unfortunately.


There I stood, at the house that I used to visit, all those years ago. It might have been that her parents didn’t like me, or that her friends ended up telling her to drop me, but it was here, in that house, with the furniture covered with plastic, and the heavy drapes hiding the outside world from hers, that the whole thing began.

“Why not Linda, why her best friend?”

That is one of those questions that will always haunt me. “Why not Linda?”

I suppose some of you might blame me for choosing Linda’s best friend, and not her. It might just be one of those twists of fate, that drove me into the arms of her best friend, one dark and lonely night, when Linda was out of town, or out on a lark. It might have happened like that, when her friend was nearby and willing, and Linda was just not home.

Fate seemed to step into our lives on that night. Now even the poets won’t know what to say. Now even Linda will have to look back to that painful time in our lives, and ask “Why?”

I wouldn’t blame her one bit for being upset at what happened. I understand that the choice that I made that night, changed our lives forever. She moved away as did I, when the relationship soured and we drifted apart. At that time, it was too late to beg Linda’s forgiveness and plead with her to come back to me. Done is done, they say!

Years went past without a word. I married and moved to Denmark, but wondered from time to time, what had happened to Linda and her best friend from Montebello, that small town in Southern California? What happened then, and what did the future still hold for us?

I guess, Linda has forgiven me for the past. She has written a bit via Facebook, and doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against me, and my youthful escapades! Past is past, but I still wonder where we both would have ended up, if that one fateful night never had occurred?

What would the poets, have to say about that?……………….